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As white as snow, as light as clouds: Look at this inspiring sophisticated lighting made of finest Murano glass, adding bright sparkle to any setting. NAOMI is a graceful, stylish and fascinating beauty, perfectly created by the careful hands of true artists.
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0376.17.5.Vf Chrome, Vetro Filo, Ø60cm, Height 30cm, 7 lights, G9
Ceiling Light NAOMI, Murano Glass, Chrome, Ø60
RRP: € 1,818.-€ 1,759.90
0376.19.5.Vf Chrome, Vetro Filo, Ø80cm, Height 35cm, 9 lights, G9
Ceiling Light NAOMI, Murano Glass, Chrome, Ø80
RRP: € 2,515.-€ 2,439.90
0376.62.5.Vf Chrome, Vetro Filo, Width 30cm, Height 40cm, 2 lights, G9
Wall Light NAOMI, Murano Glass, Chrome, 30/40/15
RRP: € 728.-€ 655.-
0376.811.5.Vf Chrome, Vetro Filo, Ø100cm, Height 60cm, Min. height 90cm, Max. height 240cm, 11 lights, G9
Chandelier NAOMI, Murano Glass, Chrome, Ø100, 11 lights
RRP: € 3,330.-€ 3,229.90
0376.87.5.Vf Chrome, Vetro Filo, Ø80cm, Height 45cm, Min. height 70cm, Max. height 225cm, 7 lights, G9
Chandelier NAOMI, Murano Glass, Chrome, Ø80, 7 lights
RRP: € 2,495.-€ 2,419.90
pseudo-29 As white as snow: These breathtaking handmade Murano glass lights add bright sparkle and the wow factor to any setting.
Product Line NAOMI
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Like diamonds in the sky: Our PARALUME presents sparkling SWAROVSKI or KOLARZ crystals, 24 carat gold or gleaming chrome, finest organza frames and fascinating design. Spectacular lighting objects, handmade in the heart of Europe. This light is pure magic!
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Sparkling glamour, endless elegance: Our STRETTA pendant lamp. Either 24-carat gold or purist chrome: these exclusive lights, with hundreds of sparkling crystals, are amazing style statements.
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Dolce Vita meets Art Déco: Manuel Vivian’s elegant creation RIVIERA combines iconic art styles of the 20th century with contemporary style vocabulary. Flowing shapes, chic monochrome look, stylish naked bulbs. Exquisite chandeliers, wall lights and table lights in black, white or mahogony. The wow factor in any setting.
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Rings of sparkling crystals on 24-carat gilded or dark chrome finished metal frames holding dimmable LEDs: Our new KOLARZ NOBILE light design adds style and glamour to any setting. These handcrafted lights from the heart of Europe make a statement, either as a solo piece or in a mix of two or more lights. Premium lighting from the house of KOLARZ. Perfection all round.
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Sparkling glamour: the curves of a moving dragon or straight lines, 24 carat gold or puristic chrome. Holding hundreds of sparkling crystals, our exquisite STRETTA pendant lights are amazing style statements. Live and let sparkle!
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Minimalist metallic look with maximum impact: SPADA, our spectacular new light inspired by the shape of the swordfish, appears to float from the ceiling. Flexible mounting options in various angles make this a very special design. The conical dark chrome metal bars hold LEDs giving warm-white light. Eye-catching details such as the round foot of the elegant floor light are additional style features.
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White fabric meets sparkling crystals: TULIPANO, the Italian word for “tulip“, shows a vivid floral shape designed by Manuel Vivian. The curved petals are made from washable fabric, creating a light airy touch that harmonises with the matt-white metal for a stylish summerly all-in-white look. The ceiling and pendant lights are embellished with sparkling crystals.
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Flowers of light: Manuel Vivian‘s nature-inspired FIORE design impresses with an ingenious mix of functionalism and imagination. Bold petals made of white or beige, at 30°C washable fabric provide dimmable indirect light. Optional spotlights offer direct, focused lighting. Three exquisite metal finishes are available: gold leaf, silver leaf and matt-white. Flower Power at its best!
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VIRGOLA, the Italian word for “comma“, represents pure understatement and exciting minimalism with maximum effect. A clean American brass or dark chrome finished metal bow, curved like a comma, holds hundreds of sparkling crystals. VIRGOLA, available as a pendant, wall, table and floor light, creates lively accents and an atmospheric ambiance in classic and contemporary interiors.
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Bright white fabric in a maritime canvas look, metal elements finished by hand in a decent matt-white and a brilliant gold, silver or copper leaf version and a fresh dynamic design that creates pure summer feeling: Our new VELA, a stunning eye-catcher from the creative workshops of Italian star designer Manuel Vivian, adds lightness and style to any setting. VELA is available as a ceiling, wall and pendant light in various sizes and finishes.
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