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731.83.100 Antique Brass, Ø45cm, Height 30cm, Min. height 40cm, Max. height 185cm, 3 lights, E27

Chandelier NONNA, mouth-blown, Antique Brass, Ø45, 3 lights

RRP: € 823.-€ 740.90EUR740.90

0301.86.15 French Gold, Ø83cm, Height 57cm, Min. height 83cm, Max. height 128cm, 6 lights, E14

Chandelier PISANI, French Gold, Ø83, 6 lights

€ 3,947.-EUR3,947.00

6010.81230 Gold Leaf, Ø73cm, Min. height 3.9cm, Max. height 186cm, 12 lights, E14

Chandelier GIRO, Gold Leaf, Ø73, 12 lights

€ 3,553.-EUR3,553.00

6020.81050 Silver Leaf, Ø100cm, Min. height 61cm, Max. height 154cm, 10 lights, GX53

Chandelier SOLIS, Silver Leaf, Ø100, 10 lights

€ 7,517.-EUR7,517.00

5200.81030 Mahagoni, Ø100cm, Height 50cm, Max. height 200cm, 10 lights, E14

Chandelier RIVIERA, Mahagoni, Ø100, 10 lights

€ 6,744.-EUR6,744.00

960.88 Brass, Ø60cm, Height 43cm, Min. height 63cm, Max. height 108cm, 8 lights, E14

Chandelier VALERIE, Brass, Ø60, 8 lights

RRP: € 668.-€ 574.90EUR574.90

6030.81031 Gold Leaf, Length 120cm, Height 34cm, Max. height 230cm, 10 lights, G9

Chandelier SPIGOLO, Gold Leaf, 120, 10 lights

€ 3,680.-EUR3,680.00

3234.85.3.KoT 24 Carat Gold, Ø65cm, Height 52cm, Min. height 72cm, Max. height 105cm, 5 lights, E14

Chandelier CARMEN 2, Sconce Crystal, Ø65, 5 lights

€ 1,503.-EUR1,503.00

1301.85.3.SpT 24 Carat Gold, Ø83cm, Height 80cm, Min. height 100cm, Max. height 150cm, 5 lights, E14

Chandelier PISANI CRYSTAL, KOLARZ Pure Crystals, 24 Carat Gold, Ø83, 5 lights

€ 5,193.-EUR5,193.00

3003.88.3.KoT/aq21 24 Carat Gold, Ø80cm, Height 55cm, Min. height 75cm, Max. height 105cm, 8 lights, E14

Chandelier VICTORIA 2, Aqua Champagne, Ø80, 8 lights

€ 2,764.-EUR2,764.00

6009.81030 Gold Leaf, Transparent, Ø100cm, Min. height 57.5cm, Max. height 165cm, 10 lights, E14

Chandelier RAGGIO, Gold Leaf, Ø100, 10 lights

€ 6,952.-EUR6,952.00

0240.86.5.W Chrome, Ø60cm, Height 50cm, Min. height 70cm, Max. height 250cm, 6 lights, G9

Chandelier PARALUME, KOLARZ Pure Crystals, Chrome, Ø60, 6 lights

€ 3,680.-EUR3,680.00

6040.80150/W Silver Leaf, White, Length 155cm, Min. height 29cm, Max. height 262cm, 1 light, LED

Chandelier RETTANGOLO, Silver Leaf, 155, 1 light

€ 4,810.-EUR4,810.00

3844.86.3.SpT 24 Carat Gold, Ø60cm, Height 47cm, Min. height 67cm, Max. height 97cm, 6 lights, E14

Chandelier SCHÖNBRUNN, KOLARZ Pure Crystals, 24 Carat Gold, Ø60, 6 lights

€ 6,606.-EUR6,606.00

1299.85.15.SpT French Gold, Ø65cm, Height 70cm, Min. height 93cm, Max. height 138cm, 5 lights, E14

Chandelier CONTARINI CRYSTAL, KOLARZ Pure Crystals, French Gold, Ø65, 5 lights

€ 5,659.-EUR5,659.00

0235.88.YG.KoT Champagne/Gold, Ø77cm, Height 60cm, Min. height 78cm, Max. height 123cm, 8 lights, E14

Chandelier ROSSANA, Murano Glass, Champagne/Gold, Ø77, 8 lights

RRP: € 999.-€ 499.50EUR499.50


Chandelier PRISMA, Chrome, 37/80, 5 lights

RRP: € 2,082.70€ 1,041.35EUR1,041.35

0346.34.15 French Gold, Ø50cm, Height 110cm, Min. height 120cm, Max. height 170cm, 4 lights, E27

Chandelier MILORD CRYSTAL, KOLARZ Pure Crystals, French Gold, Ø50, 4 lights

€ 5,199.-EUR5,199.00

0299.85.15 French Gold, Ø65cm, Height 57cm, Min. height 80cm, Max. height 125cm, 5 lights, E14

Chandelier CONTARINI, French Gold, Ø65, 5 lights

€ 4,209.-EUR4,209.00

3149.85.3.KoT 24 Carat Gold, Ø66cm, Height 46cm, Min. height 66cm, Max. height 111cm, 5 lights, E14

Chandelier MARIA LOUISE, KOLARZ Optic Crystals, 24 Carat Gold, Ø66, 5 lights

€ 1,228.-EUR1,228.00

0195.88.4 Antique Brass, Ø95cm, Height 62cm, Min. height 83cm, Max. height 128cm, 8 lights, E14

Chandelier ASCOT, mouth-blown, Antique Brass, Ø95, 8 lights

€ 3,094.-EUR3,094.00

0413.812+6.3.SpT 24 Carat Gold, Ø94cm, Height 110cm, Min. height 135cm, Max. height 165cm, 12+6 lights, E14

Chandelier BELVEDERE, KOLARZ Pure Crystals, 24 Carat Gold, Ø94, 12+6 lights

€ 19,796.-EUR19,796.00

330.85.8C Engl. Brass, Ø62cm, Height 48cm, Min. height 69cm, Max. height 114cm, 5 lights, E14

Chandelier IMPERIAL, Engl. Brass, Ø62, 5 lights

€ 1,791.-EUR1,791.00

0232.85.5.KpT Chrome, Ø66cm, Height 70cm, Min. height 90cm, Max. height 135cm, 5 lights, E14

Chandelier CARAT, KOLARZ Pure Crystals, Chrome, Ø66, 5 lights

€ 2,371.-EUR2,371.00

FLO.1095/5.01.T-BL Ø55cm, Max. height 170cm, 5 lights, E14

Chandelier LARA, Ø55, 5 lights

RRP: € 2,474.30€ 1,237.15EUR1,237.15

104.85.C5.HS ROT White, Length 80cm, Width 27cm, Height 246cm, Max. height 27cm, 5 lights, G9

Chandelier STRETTA, White, 80/27, 5 lights

RRP: € 699.90€ 349.95EUR349.95

A1335.85.5 Chrome, Ø62cm, Length 80cm, 5 lights, E14

Chandelier AMARO, Chrome, Ø62, 5 lights

RRP: € 797.-€ 398.50EUR398.50

0397.86.3Iv.KpT 24 Carat Gold, Ø95cm, Height 90cm, Min. height 75cm, Max. height 130cm, 6 lights, E14

Chandelier ROSSELLI, 24 Carat Gold, Ø95, 6 lights

RRP: € 4,899.-€ 2,449.50EUR2,449.50

0412.88+4.3.SpT 24 Carat Gold, Ø65cm, Height 107cm, Min. height 117cm, Max. height 137cm, 8+4 lights, E27+E14

Chandelier EMPIRE, KOLARZ Pure Crystals, 24 Carat Gold, Ø65, 8+4 lights

€ 12,000.-EUR12,000.00

0378.86.5.Ag Chrome, Silver, Ø80cm, Height 45cm, Min. height 50cm, Max. height 230cm, 6 lights, G9

Chandelier NISIDA, Chrome, Ø80, 6 lights

RRP: € 2,877.30€ 1,438.65EUR1,438.65


Chandelier TWISTER ROSY, Rustikal, Ø65, 18 lights

RRP: € 3,347.40€ 1,673.70EUR1,673.70

211.810+4 Rust Gold, Ø124cm, Height 68cm, Min. height 88cm, Max. height 233cm, 10+4 lights, E14+E27

Chandelier NELSON, Rust Gold, Ø124, 10+4 lights

RRP: € 1,917.-€ 958.50EUR958.50


Chandelier DRAGON SPIRALO, Murano Glass, Chrome, Ø80, 10 lights

RRP: € 6,201.90€ 3,100.95EUR3,100.95

5290.81232.943/tc10 24 Carat Gold, Ø85cm, Height 75cm, Min. height 95cm, Max. height 125cm, 12 lights, E14

Chandelier SMERALDA, Toscana Gold/White, Ø85, 12 lights

RRP: € 8,920.-€ 4,460.-EUR4,460.00


Chandelier FLORIANI, 24 Carat Gold, Ø190, 12 lights

RRP: € 7,625.60€ 3,812.80EUR3,812.80


Chandelier QUADRA ROSY, 72/40, 10 lights

RRP: € 1,444.-€ 722.-EUR722.00

0220.87.5.SsTB Chrome, Length 120cm, Height 28cm, Max. height 250cm, 7 lights, G9

Chandelier SWING, Chrome, 120, 7 lights

RRP: € 1,342.-€ 671.-EUR671.00

027.84.C5.HS ROT White, Length 80cm, Height 50cm, Max. height 246cm, 5 lights, G9

Chandelier DRAGON, White, 80, 5 lights

RRP: € 599.90€ 299.95EUR299.95

3221.85.3.Ki.Au.KpT 24 Carat Gold, Ø78cm, Height 58cm, Min. height 79cm, Max. height 125cm, 5 lights, E14

Chandelier CANOVA, Kiss Gold, Ø78, 5 lights

RRP: € 2,197.-€ 1,098.50EUR1,098.50

0414.824+18+12.3.SpT 24 Carat Gold, Ø160cm, Height 140cm, Min. height 165cm, Max. height 200cm, 54 flg., E14

Chandelier VERSAILLES, KOLARZ Pure Crystals, 24 Carat Gold, Ø160, 54 flg.

€ 37,750.-EUR37,750.00


Chandelier TWISTER, Antique Brass, 61/61, 9 lights

RRP: € 1,049.80€ 524.90EUR524.90

3354.85.Wm.ET White Matt, Ø60cm, Height 55cm, Min. height 67cm, Max. height 113cm, 5 lights, E14

Chandelier BALLERINA 2, White Matt, Ø60, 5 lights

RRP: € 852.-€ 426.-EUR426.00

104.87.5.VSP04/05 Chrome, Width 120cm, Height 44cm, Min. height 53cm, Max. height 250cm, 7 lights, G9

Chandelier STRETTA SPIRALO, Chrome, 120, 7 lights

RRP: € 2,930.70€ 1,465.35EUR1,465.35

5740.8015/6.940 24 Carat Gold, Ø66cm, Height 57cm, Min. height 78cm, Max. height 121cm, 6 lights, E14

Chandelier CANNES, Glass Transparent, Ø66, 6 lights

RRP: € 4,362.-€ 2,181.-EUR2,181.00

6050.80530 24 Carat Gold, Ø80cm, Height 70cm, 5 lights, E14

Chandelier IMPERIO, 24 Carat Gold, Ø80, 5 lights

€ 4,531.-EUR4,531.00


Chandelier NONNA, mouth-blown, Antique Brass, 64, 2 lights

RRP: € 521.-€ 468.90EUR468.90

0301.88.15 French Gold, Ø101cm, Height 66cm, Min. height 93cm, Max. height 138cm, 8 lights, E14

Chandelier PISANI, French Gold, Ø101, 8 lights

€ 5,052.-EUR5,052.00

6010.81631 Gold Leaf, Length 112.5cm, Min. height 39cm, Max. height 186cm, 16 lights, E14

Chandelier GIRO, Gold Leaf, 113, 16 lights

€ 3,133.-EUR3,133.00

1-48 of 248

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